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Jack Hibbs: The Fear Of God

What does it mean to "fear The Lord"? As believers, why is it important to have this "fear" in our daily walk?

Jack Hibbs: The Christian Life Is A Marathon

The Christian life is not a sprint. It is a lifelong marathon where persistence, dedication, and endurance are key factors to reaching the finish line successfully. Pastor Jack explains in today’s Real Life TV episode.



Jack Hibbs: Pray Vote Stand Summit 2023

Pastor Jack Hibbs of Calvary Chapel Chino Hills addresses the Pray Vote Stand Summit.

Jack Hibbs: Healing and Suffering — Thy Will be done

What does the Bible teach us about healing, faith, and suffering? Why do some people receive a healing and others suffer greatly? What does Jesus teach us about our attitude toward these things?

Jack Hibbs: What Are You Waiting For? – (Part 2) – Romans 8:18-30

As believers, we should live with anticipation, eagerly awaiting the heavenly glory that awaits us.

Just Church with Jack Hibbs

A special one-night event, for Christian believers who want to rededicate themselves to following Christ at a new level of commitment. It’s especially for...

Jack Hibbs: In The Daze of Deception (Part 3)

The last days are like the days of Noah and Lot, and a great deception is coming. Christians need to be prepared and not...

Jack Hibbs: How Can You Know If You’re Right? (Part 2)

The ordinances, service, and sanctuary described in the Old Testament Tabernacle all pointed to and found fulfillment in Jesus Christ. Our service to God...

Jack Hibbs: Live Like Jesus

In this godless world, we are constantly tempted to live in ways that we shouldn’t, but by the power of God, we can deny...

Jack Hibbs: How Can You Know If You’re Right? – Hebrews 8:7-12

We can be sure of their faith through asking the right questions and knowing there is only one road to God through Christ.

Jack Hibbs: Is Jesus God? (Part 3)

In the final episode in this series, you may be surprised to learn that all the cults can at least agree on one thing...Jesus cannot be God. Jesus Christ has been, is and will be the most influential human being that has ever lived but do you know why?

Jack Hibbs: In the Daze of Deception (Part 2) – Matthew 24:1-4

In part two of this series, Pastor Jack discusses the link between recent reports of unidentified aerial phenomena and advances in artificial intelligence, connecting...

Jack Hibbs: God Has Declared You Righteous

The Bible says that all our righteous deeds are as filthy rags, and yet God has made a way to declare us righteous. How?...

Jack Hibbs: Is Jesus God? (Part 2) Pastor Jack continues this series, walk us through an incredible set of verses that lead everyone to understand that Jesus truly is God. Jesus...

Jack Hibbs: Having A Priest Better Than You (Part 3) — Hebrews 8:1-6

This passage contrasts the Old Testament's imperfect earthly priesthood with the Messiah's perfect priesthood. Jesus offered the perfect one-time sacrifice that atones for our...

Jack Hibbs: In The Daze of Deception – Matthew 24:1-4

The challenge will come to us regarding how much we believe the Bible versus our feelings or the worldly narratives today, shaping the culture...

Jack Hibbs: Christ Can Set You Free

Are you living the life of blessing, freedom, and joy that comes from a relationship with Jesus Christ? There is no other name by...

Jack Hibbs: Is Jesus God? (Part 1)

Jesus Christ has been, is, and will be the most influential human being that has ever lived, but do you know why?

Jack Hibbs: Having a Priest Better Than You (Part 2) – Hebrews 8:1-6

Jesus Christ is the ultimate high priest, minister, and architect. He fulfilled the new covenant through His sacrifice and intercedes for believers from the...

Jack Hibbs: What Are You Waiting For — Romans 8:18-23

As Christians, we are not to just wait for heaven but to live each day for God with urgency. Jesus' ministry on earth was...

Happening Now: The Grand Deception with Pastor Jack and Amir Tsarfati

Join Pastor Jack Hibbs and Amir Tsarfati for a "Happening Now" discussion surrounding UFO deception.

Joining The Fight — Jack Hibbs & Heidi St. John

Pastor Jack sits down with author, podcaster, and speaker Heidi St. John to discuss how to fight for your children, their education and your community.

Jack Hibbs: Natural Born Sinners

All of us are sinners by nature; there’s no avoiding it. But God, through Jesus Christ, has made a way to take away our...

Jack Hibbs: It’s Time You Quit (Part 5) — Romans 8:12-17

We should quit our efforts to know God through our works and religion and instead focus on knowing God through Christ.

Jack Hibbs: Having A High Priest Better Than You — Hebrews 7:1-28

This passage teaches the importance of having Jesus Christ as our High Priest rather than relying on earthly priests or religious leaders. Jesus Fulfilled...

Jack Hibbs: God in America’s Politics? America's Godly beginnings, our Founding Fathers, and the problem with "revisionist history". Hear about Benjamin Franklin's prayer that paved the way for America's constitution...

Jack Hibbs: It’s Time You Quit (Part 4) — Romans 8:12-17

God knows each believer personally, calling us by name. The Holy Spirit dwells within us and bears witness that they are God's children. As...

Jack Hibbs: Moments in History When God Intervened — Setbacks, Hardships and Your Faith

The Pilgrims laid the foundation for freedom in America and centuries later we have removed God from our society and are suffering the consequences of those actions.

The One And Only Promise Keeper (Part 4) — Hebrews 6:13-18

He is who He is, and He is unable to become anything or anyone other than who He is. His promises make Him the...

Jack Hibbs: It’s Time You Quit (Part 3) – Romans 8:12-17

As believers, we are called to be led by the Holy Spirit, not by our own desires or other people's experiences. The Spirit wants...

Jack Hibbs: Moments in History When God Intervened – When God Shows Up

Miraculous times during the Revolutionary War with George Washington in command that turned defeat into victory. How can you lose so many battles but win the war?

Jack Hibbs: It’s Time You Quit (Part 2) – Romans 8:12-17

As believers, we are indebted to God and not man. We must relinquish our desires and fully surrender our lives to God. When we...

Jack Hibbs: The Laodicean Church

Join Pastor Jack Hibbs of Calvary Chapel Chino Hills for a special teaching from Calvary Chapel Oxford.

Teach the Word 2023 Conference — Jack Hibbs

TEACH THE WORD 2023 features special guest speaker Pastor Jack Hibbs (CC Chino Hills) along with UK CC Pastors Tommy Fretwell, Kevin Berthiaume, and...

Happening Now with Jack Hibbs and Barry Meguiar

Satan has intimidated believers into silence, preventing them from sharing their faith. Resolve to start moving everyone you meet closer to Jesus every day.

Jack Hibbs: Antichrist – Mr. 666

Under the guise of security and convenience, the Antichrist will introduce a cashless economy to the world. But before long, he will use that...

Jack Hibbs: Antichrist — Coming Of The Lawless One

In a world filled with division, wars, and rumors of wars, the Antichrist’s promise of peace will secure the affection of the masses. But...

Jack Hibbs: The Antichrist – A Man Possessed By Satan

The Willful King, the Son of Perdition, the Idol Shepherd—these are all names to describe a man who will be possessed by Satan to...

Jack Hibbs: Systemic Satanic Influence 

John spoke of the "spirit of the anti-Christ" which we are being exposed to more and more each day in our current world. Know the stages so that you can fight against them.

Jack Hibbs: It’s Time You Quit — Romans 8:12-17

A Christian walking in the Spirit, in honor to God is BECOMING like Jesus here and now. We should never, never have sympathy for...

Jack Hibbs: Satan Gets Released?!

In today's episode, Pastor Jack answers a listener question about Satan being released after one thousand years. Why does this happen?

Jack Hibbs: Signs Of The Coming Antichrist

Who is the Antichrist, what will he do, and why do we as Christians need to know about him? These are all questions that...

Jack Hibbs: What Spirit Lives In You? (Part 3) — Romans 8:9-11

The Lord has not left us to cope with this evil world around us alone – The Holy Spirit is Here. He is The...

Happening Now with Jack Hibbs and Eric Metaxas

Join us for a special Happening Now with Pastor Jack and Eric Metaxas where they discuss the state of the church in America and...

Jack Hibbs: How Do I Know I’m Ready?

Before you take a long road trip don’t you check your vehicle’s brakes, tires, and oil? This is necessary to arrive at your destination safely.

Jack Hibbs: Are You Ready?

In today's podcast, Pastor Jack discusses how to get ready for the Rapture and why that's important for you to do.

Jack Hibbs: The Invisible Fight

The inward pull toward disobedience and the outward pull of temptation are both working to bring you down, Christian. The fight is invisible on...

Jack Hibbs: What Spirit Lives in You? (Part 2)

In this message, we learn about the importance of discerning between the Spirit of Truth and the spirit of error, the role of the...

Q&A With Jack Hibbs

Who are the 10 virgins and what does that parable mean? Does the tribulation start after the rapture of the church or after the 7 year peace treaty?

Jack Hibbs: One and Only Promise Keeper (Part 3) — Hebrews 6:13-18

In this message, Pastor Jack explores the concept of God's promises and how impossible for Him to waver down his promises. So trustworthy is...

Jack Hibbs: Truth Divides Us

If we are not unified behind the truth of God’s Word, we are divided. Truth also divides our lives from our former way of...

Jack Hibbs: What Spirit Lives In You? — Romans 8:9-11

The Real Christian lives, moves, and dwells in a reality that is Spirit based. According to the Scriptures our true existence is in the...

Convergence: We’re in the Season! — Jan Markell, Jack Hibbs, and Dr. David Reagan

We hope you enjoy this provocative discussion on world events, the church and pulpit today, and the vital importance of the hope Bible prophecy...