March 25, 2023
March 25, 2023

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March 25, 2023

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Dean Dwyer

According to law enforcement in Australia, premillennialism is now an ideology of concern. But what is premillennialism and what happened to lead police to express concerns over the teaching?
Jesus has a strong message to the church at Sardis - some are dead (spiritually) that need to be revived; some are dying (spiritually) that need to remember and repent in order to be revived...

Dean Dwyer: God’s Universe or Man’s Metaverse?

If, as technocrats claim, mankind needs to undergo transformation so that there is a fusion between our physical, biological and digital identities, it means...

Dean Dwyer: Series Opener — What Does A Watchman Watch?

Man is the only creature who knows he is going to die and he is trying desperately to prevent it. Enter the concept of...

Dean Dwyer: Watch the Watchers

After the rapture of the church, an unholy trinity will arise and with it, a cruel system of surveillance and control. What do we...

Dean Dwyer: Worship Music — A Manipulative Gateway To Bad Theology?

At some point in the past, worship music changed. It became less about worshipping God and more about putting forward a culturally friendly style...

Dean Dwyer: Watch Yourself! 

In today's sermon, Pastor Dean Dwyer discusses heavenly rewards. As was once said, heaven is not just a destination, it should be a motivation....

Dean Dwyer: Fleecing the Flock

Unfortunately under the banner of Christianity, we have many who are false shepherds. They are not feeding the flock as Jesus commands, but they are fleecing it and pulling the wool over their eyes.

Dean Dwyer: Woke Church, Weak Church

Weak sermons from woke pastors won’t convict sinners who need redemption. Doing so is merely abdicating our role as a beacon of God’s truth in favour of bowing to the vile calling of culture.

Dean Dwyer: The Bovine and the Beast

Pastor Dwyer examines the connection between the recently discovered unblemished red heifers and the coming of what Zechariah 11 describes as the worthless shepherd - the Antichrist.

Dean Dwyer: Gall Of The Godless — Remaking The World In Their Image

Throughout every city and nation, the godless are living in an increasingly wicked and sinful manner. But know this, every secret thing, whether good...

Dean Dwyer: Satan, Society and the Saviour

Is it even possible to sell your soul to the devil and is Jesus strong enough to deliver mankind from the grip of spiritual darkness and demonic influence?

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