March 26, 2023
March 26, 2023

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March 26, 2023

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David Fiorazo

We discuss the importance of God's Word and its authority in our lives, as well as how to respond to questions about life, what a biblical worldview consists of, and how we can do better at...
David Fiorazo & Natasha Crain discuss the importance of defending truth, discernment in the church, and the need to test all things. Natasha also shares concerns about social justice and the He Gets Us campaign, secularism,...

David Fiorazo: The Most Programmed Generation in History

Is there any doubt generation Z is the most programmed (some would say ‘brainwashed’) in history?

David Fiorazo: Biblical Worldview ‘Shuffling Toward Edge of the Cliff’

Is belief in God and the biblical worldview nearing extinction in America? According to a new and not exactly shocking study from the Cultural...

Podcast: What Will Be the Outcome of These Events? — David Fiorazo & JB Hixson

We discuss the urgency of the hour and the need for discernment in the church, as well as how prophecy is being fulfilled today that the writers of Scripture and prophets had no way of understanding.

LGBTQ ‘Programming’ Driving Youth Mental Health Issues?: David Fiorazo & Linda Harvey

David and Linda expose the dark agenda behind LGBT ideology and the connection with public schools, media, Hollywood, and culture in general to promote pride.

Lies of the Left, Globalists Imposing Their Will: David Fiorazo & Jonathan Brentner

we address the fact globalists and world elites are imposing their will on people; and we tackle 5 "delusions" of today's power elites that many people have fallen for.

He Refused To Be Silent, Now He’s No Longer A Police Officer

Jacob Kersey made a comment on social media about God-ordained, natural marriage between one man and one woman. It was a brave thing to...

‘Live Your Truth’ and Other Lies: David Fiorazo & Alisa Childers

We’ve all seen the memes that populate the internet: live your truth, follow your heart, you only have one life to live. They sound nice and positive. But what if these slogans are actually lies that unhinge us from reality and leave us anxious and exhausted?

David Fiorazo: Apostate Churches Discuss Removing God’s Gender

This is another example of compromise and rebellion. Due to the apparent increase in global wokeness and awareness about people being offended by language,...

DeSantis Goes To War With Race & Equity Indoctrination — Educated

We head to Florida, where Gov. Ron DeSantis is set on taking back higher education by dismantling critical race theory and DEI indoctrination being...

Last Days’ Bible Prophecy Being Fulfilled Now!: David Fiorazo & Don Stewart

Don Stewart shares 12 Biblical Predictions About the Last Days That Are Now Being Literally Fulfilled. These include: the entire earth will be able...

Euthanasia Agenda Exposed: David Fiorazo & Scott Schara

‘Grace’s dad’, Scott Schara is the founder and president of Our Amazing Grace’s Light Shines On, Inc., and is an advocate exposing how hospital systems and...

Compromise, Ecumenism, the Eucharist, Syncretism: David Fiorazo & Mike Gendron

David Fiorazo & Mike Gendron discuss the dangers of modern ecumenical religious movements, syncretism, apostasy, compromise in the Southern Baptist Church, another gospel of...

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