March 26, 2023
March 26, 2023

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March 26, 2023

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Calvin Smith

The secular world filters all of their attacks on God’s Word through their worldview. Calvin Smith breaks down the steps on how to combat this.
In this episode of the GREAT Conversations Podcast, host Calvin Smith (the Director of Answers in Genesis CA) discusses how denying biblical creation dehumanizes people by denying the definition of what a human is.

Calvin Smith: Are So-Called ‘Vestigial Organs’ Proof Of Evolution?

Many living organisms alongside humans are considered to have degraded organs within their bodies that were once functional in our evolutionary past. If this...

Calvin Smith: Can You Understand Salvation Without The Old Testament?

Calvin Smith walks us through the clues to the most valuable treasure of our lifetime.

Calvin Smith: Our Modern Society Has Developed An Expertise Of Spinning Half-Truths

Our modern society has developed an expertise of spinning half-truths, asserting personal interpretation as fact, and convoluting our core beliefs. We know that Christians...

Calvin Smith: Elites Paid a Huge Reward to Answer the BIGGEST Question in Science

VOX, the Voices from Oxford, set up a competition of a lifetime: scientists must prove that evolutionary processes can create the most complicated code...

Calvin Smith: Don’t Fall For The Trap Of Moral Relativism

Moral relativism governs our world. It means that everyone should mind their own business and not express opinions about another person’s beliefs. In a...

Calvin Smith: Christians, THIS Is How to Answer Atheists

In this video, Calvin Smith goes over a potent yet often overlooked passage in the book of Proverbs that will give any Christian a...

Calvin Smith: Could It Be Chance Or Design?

In this video, we feature a creature whose abilities and attributes are somehow perfectly attuned to the environment they live in. Could it be...

Calvin Smith: Christian Parents, Stop Avoiding This Topic…

Tom Holland, an impassioned Evolutionist, didn’t believe Adam and Eve lived with dinosaurs when he was a child. He still doesn’t because science contradicts...

Calvin Smith: The Secrets of Evolution Are ‘Time and…’ What?!

Famous evolutionist Carl Sagan made a wild claim about the secrets of evolution... but is he right? In this video, Calvin Smith analyzes a...

Calvin Smith: Are YOU Falling for This Sneaky Lie from Atheists?

Atheists claim these things are evidence of evolution—but are they really? In this video, Calvin Smith reveals a number of sneaky, dangerous lies atheists...

Calvin Smith: Was There Really A ‘Land Before Time’?

Children’s minds are malleable, but most of all, trusting. Hollywood has veiled the story of evolution behind television shows and movies that appeal to...

Calvin Smith: Living Things Exhibit Design — And That Design Isn’t ‘Simple’

We can often belittle the importance of things by how we describe them. If this is the case, then evolutionists are masters of the...

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