March 26, 2023
March 26, 2023

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March 26, 2023

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Barry Stagner

Russian defense minister warns of potential ‘nuclear collision’ with the West over Ukraine; China's sway over Russia grows amid Ukraine fight; US left out as China, Iran come out on top in latest deal with Saudi...

Barry Stagner: The Line Up — Saudi-Iran Ties, Hamas Warns Israel, SVB Donates $73.4M to BLM

‘Terrible blow’ for the possible regional coalition; Saudi Arabia announces diplomatic ties with Iran; Hamas warns Israel against ‘violations’ during Ramadan; Xi Jinping: China...

Barry Stagner: The Line Up — Axis of Power, Zombie Virus, and Persecution

Iranian Warships Docking in Latin America Reflects New Axis of Power, Analysts Say; Scientists have revived a 'zombie' virus that spent 48,500 years frozen...

Barry Stagner: Gloom or Glory

Joy comes from pleasing the Lord, not bowing to man.

Barry Stagner: The Line Up — Iran Inches Closer To Nuclear Weapons

US official says Iran could produce nuclear material for a bomb ‘in about 12 days’; Fired Google Engineer Doubles Down on Claim That AI...

Barry Stagner: The Great Defection

The rapture of The Church is a prophetic necessity.

Barry Stagner: The Line Up — Israel Calls on US to Wield ‘Credible Military Threat’ Against Iran

Netanyahu said to huddle repeatedly with military brass over a possible attack on Iran; Israel Calls on U.S. to Wield ‘Credible Military Threat’ Against...

Barry Stagner: The Line Up — God Foresees History In Advance

Death Toll in Turkey and Syria from Earthquake Tops 41,000; NASA Warns That Earth Is Soon Going To Experience A Full Pole Shift; Earth’s...

Barry Stagner: The Decepticons

In a world where long-held truths are no longer recognized as fact, Satan has sent his agents of deception out into the world. They...

Barry Stagner: The Line Up — Turkey & Syria Earthquakes, Russia, Iran, and More

Erdoğan vows swift rebuilding after earthquake in Türkiye; Accumulated tension of hundreds of years moved Anatolia by 3m; Iranian army chief: Any country that...

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